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Summer Camp 2012 Application

Urban Whiz Kid SUMMER CAMP 2012 is our very first camp series which is catered for the high school student who has an interest in English/creative writing and basic human anatomy and physiology.

The average writer will mature their knowledge and skills for critical and creative writing. Some of our objectives will include developing skills in mastering the art of free form or stream of consciousness writing, interpretation and composition of poetry all in a fun and didactic setting. We will employ nontraditional methods, for example, using jazz, folk and hip-hop music to deconstruct an essay form and teach content analysis. Mmmm. Be prepared to be immersed!

The young science enthusiast should look forward to exploring a subject that is usually found later in school, for most, in college. We will use models, web-based software and other modalities to dissect certain systems of the human body thus making human anatomy and physiology unbelievably basic and easy to understand.

Urban Whiz Kid Summer Camp 2012

Monday, 6/25 and ending on Friday, 6/29 from 9am - 1pm each day

The gorgeous campus of St. George's Independent School
1880 Wolf River Blvd. Collierville, TN 38017

(includes lunch and snack)
Mail payment to address below.


Summer Program Application
All applications will be reviewed and parents will be contacted within 3 days of submission.
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